Get Outside

Climbing outdoors is one of the most amazing and rewarding things you can do. No other sport gives you the same opportunity to explore awesome places and gives you a unique view of landscape.

From atmospheric sea cliffs to high, exposed mountain crags, the club gets all over the UK to all kinds of places. Over the course of the year we spend weekends in places from the tip of Cornwall to the fells of the Lake District, and every climbing location in between. And whether you're new to climbing or are already a beast you still get the same of adventure.

Outside of club trips, our members get up to climbing adventures all over the world. From Mountaineering in the Alps or even the Peruvian Andes, Ice Climbing in Norway, Skiing in France and Climbing in Spain, Germany, Malta, Turkey, Greece, Morocco to name but a few, there's no end of opportunity to get out there!

Whether you want to put up gnarly new routes in a remote part of the world or just want to get out of Southampton once in a while, you'll find the opportunity, and the people psyched to join you, in SUMC.

Where next? See our upcoming meets, find out about indoor climbing or our socials.