AGM '20: What positions are available and what do they involve?

With the AGM coming up this week (Wednesday), here's a list of all the positions available and what they involve! There are no prerequisites for any of the posiitons, however I have mentioned a few of the key qualities that will help you get elected! Feel free to ask me (Harry) any questions about anything. Any of the current committee members would be happy to talk about their roles too. PresidentAs the President you'll be the face of the club, leading the committee through all events and problems. You'll need ... read more

Newsletter 18th November 2019

The Roaches Meet After arriving at the Hut I received a phone call from Otto. Confused, he told me he didn’t recognise anyone in the hut. Then he spotted a small child jumping on one of the beds. “Yeah...” I replied, “Drive down the wet dirt road for half mile or so, I’m in the middle of getting Joe unstuck.” With the forecast set for early morning dry weather, Justine and I decide for a 7:30 wake up to make the most of the dry morning. After announcing this to ... read more

Newsletter 4th November 2019

Clwyd Meet Despite a terrible weather forecast, 23 optimistic climbers headed for Clwyd over the weekend. As soon as the cars arrived Harry and Dom quickly got to work rigging hammocks in the roof of the hut. After a near-death experriance (half a clove hitch making it's way through a snapgate) Harry gave up and rigged under a table. Dom was successful and spent the night 7m off the ground. A slow morning brought us to the crag just as the rain stopped. Harry ran up to Trevor Quary to ... read more

Welcome to SUMC! Newsletter 29th September 2019

Welcome to SUMC! Whether you've had a chat with us already or are still waiting an opportunity to, I'd like to welcome you all to SUMC. We're a big family of people who are passionate about climbing and the outdoors, and we're looking forward to you joining us. Your next chance to come see us is the Welcome Presentation! (See below) Trial Membership Period Everybody gets a trial period of one official indoor event (excluding the free tasters) to see if they want to join the club before you have ... read more

Newsletter 10th May 2019

Hi Everyone! This is the first of my newletters, and probably the last for the academic year, where I'll recap the last week in SUMC. If you ever have anything you want to be included don't hestitiate to get in touch with me. Pot Luck The new Social Secs' first social let everyone show of their culinary skill at a ‘pot luck’ dinner. Additional activities included a perfectly legitimate slackline setup and a bonfire in the garden. Lakes Justine and Dom’s first time running a meet went off without a ... read more