2018 AGM Positions


This year's AGM will take place on Wednesday 7th March, you can find the details here: https://su-mc.org/events/category/special-event/

Every position below is up for grabs and must be filled, so run for any position you fancy and we'll vote on who we think is the best person for the role!


The big, bad boss of the committee. The main job is to take care of the committee, keeping them on track and helping them out where they need it. The rest of the role consists of all the jobs that can’t be slotted into the rest of the committee’s roles, and this can range from the boring email answering to organising exciting events like Varsity or the Big Climb. You’re the main contact for the club and often deal with the blight of SUSU. However, it is worth it for seeing so many happy climbers enjoying what the club puts on!


The president’s right-hand man. The main role of the VP is organising the annual Christmas Trip. This is a very stressful job but one of the most rewarding as it is many people’s favourite time of the year. Beyond that the VP is essential in the smooth running of the club, giving the president and the rest of the committee a helping hand whenever needed.


In charge of handling all the club’s money. A lot of money changes hands in SUMC and the treasurer is responsible for making sure we’re not over/under spending and getting the best deal for our members. Stress comes periodically with 3 rounds of funding throughout the year where we try our best to claw as much money out of SUSU as possible. The treasurer is also our main BMC contact, responsible for handing member lists and keeping us insured. A busy job, but an important one!

Meets 1 and Meets A

Described by Princess as “secretly the most important job in the club.”  You get to decide when and where our fortnightly meets take place and the general role consists of booking minibuses and huts and getting climbers to where they need to be! Ben and Sud have been very keen this year and have been on every meet and always got up to make the porridge every morning, however there is no requirement for the Meet Sec to even be on the meet (although it does help) as long as you’ve organised everything in advance. A really fun role!


In charge of getting the club strong! Weekly trips to Calshot, Reading or Red Spider are your responsibility to organise. Being able to drive the bus is not a necessity (but can save faff of finding drivers every week). A perfect role for any plastic junkies!


The perfect job for the gear-obsessed climbing nerd! You get the biggest budget to spend on shiny things to keep all our climbers happy. This is your reward for maintaining club gear and fighting it off members who are unwilling to let it go. Another busy role but so important as we can’t climb without gear!


Safety and Skills involves carrying out the risk assessments for all the types of climbing/activites we do as a club. You organise the much-loved first aid and ropes courses to keep everyone safe out at the crag. You’ll write any funding applications to help fund these courses and if you have the inclination, you can write blog posts about various different skills for the website.


In charge of organising all the club socials for the year! A super busy job and arguably the most important when it comes to welcoming new faces to the club. It is important that socials are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and it can be good fun thinking up different socials to keep everyone happy week after week!


Get new people to join the club and make them look cool! Promo Sec is in charge of making awesome leaflets to hand out to freshers and get the club stash sorted so everyone looks cool! Cara also started an Instagram account for us this year and the promo sec is the main brains behind the journal.

Bouldering and Comps

In charge of getting us to competitions and resetting the Uni Wall. One of the two jobs with a pre-requisite as setting experience is vital to keep the wall sets to a high standard. Otto has been the guardian of this role for the last three years and has left some big (or should I say strong) shoes to fill.


Keeps the website working at all costs! The other job with a pre-requisite as some experience with HTML/CSS, Python and SSH and Unix is required in this role. It can be an easy job or extremely high stress if someone breaks the website or the servers expire!