Newsletter 08/11/2017

Newsletter 8/11/17 Firstly, sorry for the delay in beginning these newsletters (it turns out degrees are hard!), but hopefully this will be the first of a fortnightly newsletter to summarise all the wonderful things we do as a club. Here's a quick run down of what we've been up to! Freshers Meets A bit of a throwback for sure! Our freshers meets were as busy as ever with members new an old flocking from all over to come for a great time in the Peak District! Usual Friday night antics ... read more

Changes within Sport and Wellbeing

Hello everyone, As you all know there have been some rather large changes within Sport and Wellbeing this year, I just wanted to run through these and the impact they have on us as climbers and the use of the bouldering wall at the university. Firstly it is very important to stress that you do NOT need a Sport and Wellbeing membership to be part of SUMC (despite what Sport and Wellbeing might have to say). Use of the university bouldering wall is only a small part of what we ... read more

LUBE 2017 - Round 1

An upsettingly early start, injuries, illness and actual real-life work commitments (why anyone has these I don’t know…) kept our lube team small for round 1; the day started with a 7am cruise for two around the M25 to Stronghold climbing centre, a new indoor gym in north London. After surprisingly efficient registration the round started and Ethan and I got climbing. This rounds set was fairly relaxed, which didn’t stop us from some fairly stupid falls – a few harder routes using dubious smooth wood holds caught many out, ... read more

Getting in a twist: belaying with two ropes

Last weekend we had our second meet of the year. I think it’s fair to say both of our fresher’s meets have been a success despite the weather. For those of you who couldn’t go on the meets or are still a bit confused about belaying outdoors, hopefully these short videos (~2 mins each) can help. Key points for lead belaying: Pay attention to what your climber is doing Don’t let go of the dead rope Stand close to the rock (trad climbing gear is not always mulit-directional) Remember they ... read more

What types of climbing are there?

There are quite a few types of climbing out there and sometimes it can be a bit confusing trying to understand it all. Hopefully this will explain some of it for you. Indoor bouldering: plastic holds are put on the walls. People climb without ropes or harnesses. It’s just your shoes, chalk and a mat to land on. Grades vary between bouldering walls (they’ll have different colours for different grades routes - either tags on the starting holds or will use different coloured holds) uses grades VB - V15. Outdoor ... read more