AGM 2015 - Committee Positions Part 3

Here goes... The final installment of committee jobs up for grabs at this year's AGM. Don't forget, be there at 7pm Wed 25th Feb! Gear Sec The dream job for the gear-obsessed climbing nerd! The club owns LOADS of gear and your job is to make sure it's where it needs to be and that it's in a fit state for use. You'll need to be pretty organised, making sure stuff that's dropped off late after a weekend makes its way back to stores before it's needed for the next ... read more

AGM 2015 - Committee Positions Part 2

It's round 2 of our series on committee job descriptions. Don't forget, the AGM is coming up on the 25th Feb, makse sure you join the event for all the info! Meets Sec One of the best jobs on committee as you get to pick where we go on weekend meets! You spend the summer putting our calendar together, booking huts and minibuses and then during term time youv'e got the responsibility of getting a rag-tag bunch of climbers out on rock. You need to be able to take ... read more

AGM 2015 - Committee Positions Part 1

The AGM is coming up in February, and with it comes your chance to shape how SUMC runs for a year. If you've thought about getting involved on the committee, and want to know more about what's involved then read on! We've written up descriptions of all the jobs up for grabs so you know what you're getting into. Being on the committee is ridulously fun and really rewarding when you see everyone having fun as a result of your handywork. It's hard work, but well worth it. The only ... read more

Newsletter 17/01/15

Hey guys, a very belated Happy New Year and welcome along to our first newsletter of 2015! Our featured photo this week is of Ben crushing it at Wied Babu on the Malta trip, can't believe this was nearly a month ago... Hopefully everyone's getting through the exam blues (only a week to go!) and is ready for an exciting second semester of SUMC action. And we've got a lot of exciting things to tell you about... AGM - Wed 25th Feb There's just over 4 weeks until the club's ... read more

Newsletter 15/11/14

Busy week this week. Our photo of the week comes from LUBE last Saturday, where our teams did really well, coming 16th and 17th (consistent!). LUBE round 2 is coming up in two weeks time and as usual there's opportunity to get involved, let us know if you fancy having a go. Here's everything you need to know for this week... Cornwall Next weekend the club is off to Cornwall for a weekend of super-adventurous trad climbing on some of the most impressive sea cliffs in the country. We're talking ... read more