AGM '20: What positions are available and what do they involve?


With the AGM coming up this week (Wednesday), here's a list of all the positions available and what they involve!

There are no prerequisites for any of the posiitons, however I have mentioned a few of the key qualities that will help you get elected! Feel free to ask me (Harry) any questions about anything. Any of the current committee members would be happy to talk about their roles too.

As the President you'll be the face of the club, leading the committee through all events and problems. You'll need a good working knowledge of how the club operates, good leadership skills and a love for the club and it's mission to get students into climbing.

Vice President

VP runs the annual Christmas Trip, organises the club's stash and promotional material for the year, as well as helping out the President wherever they need it.


The club's treasurer is an important role - keeping the club in the black. You'll run the club bank account and keep an account of where all the money is going. You'll work closely with the Meets, Indoor and B&C Sec's to keep their events and trips going. Additionally, you'll be involved in the funding applications for grants from SUSU, where we get all of our Gear money from!

Meets (Two Positions)

There are two Meets Sec's on our committee. They alternate running meets but normally organise them together. It's up to you how you split the roles up. Meets sec-ing involves booking huts, ordering food and organising transport for our fortnightly meets arround the country.


The Indoor Sec organises our weekly indoor trips to our local climbing centres. Booking the busses and getting people psyched are you main jobs!


Looking after all the club's gear. You'll keep track of where all the gear is, and look after it as if it was your own. The main benefit to being Gear Sec is that you get to spend thousands of pounds on gear!

Bouldering and Competitions

As B&C you'll organise all of the Resets with Sport and Wellbeing, as well as running the BUCS Nationals and other compeitions (SWUBS, LUBE, SCUB).

Socials (Two Positions)

The social sec's run our weekly socials. As well as some super-classic annual events (the quiz, playzone, and more), you get to run socials however you want! People often have ideas so don't worry about coming up with an idea every week!

Safety and Skills

One of the behind-the-scenes roles, the S&S Sec make sure our risk assessments are all sound, as well as orgnising the first aid and rope skills courses.


Keeping the website up and running. Easier said than done. Lots of GNU/Linux sysadmin tasks. The website is built on Django which means Python skills are key. This year Ben's been redesigning the website so you'll be supporting him in his on-going development of the new website