AU Club Colours for Robin Head


It's taken us quite a long time to get round to presenting this, but we're super-excited to announce that Robin Head was selected for a Club Colours award at the AU Awards last year.

For those that don't know, Robin has been devoting his time for the best part of 4 years to looking after the bouldering wall. Starting out on the committee, he then carried on this huge job when his term was up, totally voluntarily. He organises all the resets and has built up a great relationship with Sport and Wellbeing, without which the recent renovations would never have happened. 

Club colours are awarded for an individual's outstanding contribution to a club. We think Robin is more than deserving and we're so proud that his work's been recognised. Of course it's not just the club that's benefitted, but everyone who climbs at the wall so we like to think this award recognises Robin's contribution the whole climbing community in Southampton.

Next time to see Robin down the wall or giving an induction, make sure you shake his hand and say thanks. He's an absolute legend!