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2019 AGM Positions!

The AGM will take place this year on Wednesday 20th March, you can find the details here: Every position below is up for grabs and must be filled, so run for any position you fancy and we'll vote on who we think is the best person for the role! At the start of the AGM we will have a vote on a slight committee restructure, these roles are marked with an *asterisk*. President The big, bad boss of the committee. You take care of the rest of the committee ... read more

The Dangerous and Addictive Realm of Gear Ownership

As you progress with your undying love for climbing you may begin to feel an irresistible urge to spend all your money on shiny things which will undoubtedly make you climb much harder. It is often a source of much heated discussion as to what gear is currently ‘in’, what you’re going to buy next and which cams are best (Dragons FYI), just get in a car with Rob Mills, Carl and myself to enjoy these debates for hours on end. We do however know that maybe not everyone is ... read more