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Sport Climbing Tips

For anyone who has never sport climbed before or who wants some tips, keep reading: This video shows a couple of ways to clip a quickdraw whilst leading. Key points: Keep the snapgates facing the same way Clip the loose end of the quickdraw to the bolt/gear and the fixed end (the end with the rubber on it) to the rope Clip with the gates facing the opposite way to the direction you travel in (e.g. heading left, clip quickdraw with gate facing right) Watch out for z-clipping (middle picture) ... read more

Getting in a twist: belaying on a multipitch

Multipitch routes can seem a bit daunting but they don't have to be! This short video gives a couple of tips for what to do when you are building anchors and belaying on a mulitpitch route. Key points for building a belay on a multipitch climb (applicable for other belays/anchors): Good contact area for gear IDEAS: Independent pieces of gear (If one anchor fails the other won't be shock loaded) Direction correct (remember lead falls can produce an upward force on the belay) Equal tension (Both anchors equally share the ... read more

Getting in a twist: belaying with two ropes

Last weekend we had our second meet of the year. I think it’s fair to say both of our fresher’s meets have been a success despite the weather. For those of you who couldn’t go on the meets or are still a bit confused about belaying outdoors, hopefully these short videos (~2 mins each) can help. Key points for lead belaying: Pay attention to what your climber is doing Don’t let go of the dead rope Stand close to the rock (trad climbing gear is not always mulit-directional) Remember they ... read more

What types of climbing are there?

There are quite a few types of climbing out there and sometimes it can be a bit confusing trying to understand it all. Hopefully this will explain some of it for you. Indoor bouldering: plastic holds are put on the walls. People climb without ropes or harnesses. It’s just your shoes, chalk and a mat to land on. Grades vary between bouldering walls (they’ll have different colours for different grades routes - either tags on the starting holds or will use different coloured holds) uses grades VB - V15. Outdoor ... read more

Sea Cliff Climbing

Most of us have now finished for the summer and will be heading out for some well-deserved climbing. UKC and the BMC have made some blogs about sea cliff climbing. Here’s my summary of them and a lovely picture of Rob from our trip in Gower back in November: Check the Regional Access Database (RAD - ) to see if there are restrictions to where you can climb - to protect wildlife etc. also try not to destroy too much vegetation when climbing Check the weather forecast Check the ... read more