Freshers' Meets - What to Expect


If you fancy getting into outdoor climbing, going on a Freshers' Meet is by far the best thing you can do!

What makes them different to our regular weekends? These meets are all about our new members. We'll pair you up with some of our experienced members and we focus on giving you guys the best introduction to outdoor climbing you can get.

We'll be staying on the edge of the Peak District, and head into the National Park to climb at some of the premier UK climbing crags, including Stanage, Burbage and Froggatt edges. You'll climb as a team with an experienced member, and experience real routes on real rock. You can go as easy or as hard as you like, climb loads of routes or just a few.

We aim to give you enough experience that you can get fully involved in all of our weekends for the rest of the year, but if you're keen and want to learn more we can push you as far as you like. Many of our current club members had their first outdoor climbing expiernce on weekends just like these and we want to give you guys the same awesome adventure that we had that got us addicted to climbing.

The two weekends run from 3rd-5th and the 10th-12th October. We meet around 1730 at uni on Friday and will return late on Sunday after getting in a full day's climbing. The meet costs £30 and this includes all your transport and accomodation for the weekend, your breakfasts and lunches plus a dinner on Saturday. We provide all the gear you need, you'll just need enough warm gear to keep you happy over the weekend. You can find a complete kit list and details of exactly how our weekends work here.

If you're keen to come along, the sign-up will be in person at the presentation on Wednesday. We do this to give a fair shot to everyone to get a space on the meet. You must have joined the club to come along, this is for insurance reasons. We also ask that you pay upfront for the meet again to make sure that people don't just say they're coming then don't turn up (meaning keen people miss out!) so please bring cash/cheques along to the presentation. If you have a genuine reason you can't make it on Wednesday, then drop an email to and we'll stick you on the waiting list and let you know on Thursday.

Hopefully we'll see as many of you possible these next two weekends, we've got a big crowd of old members coming from all over so it should be a great atmosphere. See you all on Wednesday!