LUBE 2017 - Round 1


An upsettingly early start, injuries, illness and actual real-life work commitments (why anyone has these I don’t know…) kept our lube team small for round 1; the day started with a 7am cruise for two around the M25 to Stronghold climbing centre, a new indoor gym in north London.

After surprisingly efficient registration the round started and Ethan and I got climbing. This rounds set was fairly relaxed, which didn’t stop us from some fairly stupid falls – a few harder routes using dubious smooth wood holds caught many out, getting slippy fast. I was lucky to get these out of the way before the volume of competitors managed to splinter a few of the footholds in half, turning them from positive ledges to marginally inclined smears.

Everyone was in good spirits however, with the usual beta sharing and chatty atmosphere keeping it from getting too competitive. The hardest route of the day went down with some trouble, an overhung slappy problem on huge lapis slopers. You know it’s going to be a silly one when the bonus is the second hold on the route, and after a fall I got through the lower in one of the most panic inducing sequences in memory before a big topout.

Final results placed us 7th and 68th (241, 190 - score), with a lot of drawing on the results (3 at 250, 2 at 247, 1 at 244 and 3 at 241). A slightly more aggressive set at round 2 (Craggy bouldering) should help separate competitors.

If you have any questions about the comps or are interested in competing please drop me a message, this year looks set to be a fun one with a lot of new climbers in the uni teams!