Newsletter 02/03/2018



The Roaches is a classic venue that has never failed to be wet every time SUMC go! That didn’t stop us from making the most of the day though. Saturday morning began with teaching our newer members the dos and don’ts of gear placement and anchor building. Following that, the send train up the classic squeeze, Sifta’s Quid Inside Route (S 3a), was a great struggle for everyone involved.

Saturday night had games of Touch the Cup and Mafia to keep us entertained while we tried to ignore the forecast for the next day.

The crags were covered in cloud on Sunday morning, but we were greeted by a familiar face when Spooner showed up to his first meet as an official SUMC Old! Bouldering and some easy routes were on the cards for most people, however we stayed well away from 3 Pocket Slab! The minibus had better ideas however and decided to go for the tea room as soon as young Sud stepped out the bus to claim a late Touch the Cup victory.


What to look forward to:

Varsity – Sadly, Portsmouth Uni have had to pull out of Varsity for financial reasons. As a club we aren’t able to cover the cost of a competition at an external venue by ourselves so have unfortunately had to cancel the event.

AGM – When the next committee is decided! Make sure you’re there to run and to vote! Details here:

Find out about the positions up for grabs here:

Playzone – Come and mess around in a kids’ play park! More fun than it sounds!

Dinner Meet – The official handover of the committee, not one to be missed!