Newsletter 08/11/2017


Newsletter 8/11/17

Firstly, sorry for the delay in beginning these newsletters (it turns out degrees are hard!), but hopefully this will be the first of a fortnightly newsletter to summarise all the wonderful things we do as a club. Here's a quick run down of what we've been up to!

Freshers Meets

A bit of a throwback for sure! Our freshers meets were as busy as ever with members new an old flocking from all over to come for a great time in the Peak District! Usual Friday night antics of table and people traversing, sock wrestling etc. etc. took place, with club fresher Katie Evans making an impressive attempt at the can game by walking on her hands!

Freshers 1 locations were Burgage North and, of course, Stanage! Despite being threatened by rain all weekend loads of climbing took place, with Spooner bagging the team send of King Kong (E3 6a).

On Freshers 2 we headed to Froggatt, although we got a little bit of climbing done (Russell sent Todys Wall for his first HVS) the rain soon came, and we retreated to Cave Crawl (HS 5a) and got stuck in to the rock (get it?). Will the sunday forecast looking gloomy, touch the cup was in full swing in record time. Phoebe was our first glorious winner, closely followed by Luke WS. The real hero of the night however, was club fresher Ryan. Ryan bravely finished off every cup handed to him, and eventually (after many suspicious trips to the toilet) crossed the line in spectacular fashion.

In our best efforts to escape the rain we headed to the Wye Valley, which had the best forecast across the country. The gamble paid off, and everyone had a great day climbing in Symonds Yat (apart from the guy from Imperial).


A minibus and 4 cars headed down to Plymouth last weekend to do some crushing on the beautiful granite tors of Dartmoor. We headed to Haytor on Saturday, despite the wind we managed to get some climbing done (even if we had to warm up in the group shelter over lunch). On Sunday we headed over to Hound Tor. Luke VF racked up a few minibus driver points by managing to stall 3 times whilst following cyclists up a hill. The send train was stopping off at Aerobic Wall (E2 5C) with successful ascents from Sud, Damon, Carl, Luke VF and myself. As well as Ben, Christabel and Luke WS getting very close! The rest of the day was filled with bouldering and dabbling in trad. Tom even treated our freshers to a rather windy abseil! All in all, a great weekend!

If you have any pictures or stories from any of our meets then please send them to


Read Otto’s round up of the first round of LUBE here:


A well done to everyone from SUMC who competed in SWUBS! A great result for sure! Especially to Dev for coming seond in the mens final and Justina for winning the womens!


Harry has been busy organising great socials for us these last few weeks! It was great to dance to some oldies and some newies at the decades party, and there were some great costumes at the Halloween party. V12 and fireworks was also amazing as always (my personal favourite night of the year as a gear lover). Lots of harnesses, shoes and other shiny things were bought and the fireworks really went off with a bang (even if one or two of the bangs were a little close for comfort).

Beginners Climbing Course

A big thankyou to Spooner as always for running our beginners climbing sessions again this year! As usual they were great to get our new members climbing and introduce them to the subtler techniques climbing often demands! If you would like to see another set of beginners’ sessions or more advanced sessions then let us know!


The indoor meets have been off to a strong start. We taught a load of the new guys how to climb at Calshot and have had several trips down to Red Spider to get strong!

Safety and Skills

Christabel has been busy writing blogs to get you all skilled up! Read the latest one here:

What to look forward to:

Christmas Meal - Christmas is coming! Sign up to the Christmas Meal at Ceno here:

BMC Winter Skills Lecture - We’re hosting the BMC Winter Skills lecture! Learn everything you need to know about winter mountaineering! You’ll get the tickets cheaper with SUMC than anywhere else so sign up here:

PembrokeSign up to Pembroke (my favourite place to climb) will be live next week. Make sure you come along to experience how awesome it is to be climbing just above the sea!

Socials and Indoor

Keep an eye on our facebook page for news on Indoor meets and socials!

That’s all for this first newsletter of the year! Let me know what you think of these newsletters as they come out and if there’s any way we can improve them! 

Many thanks for reading!

Rob Mills (President)