Newsletter 08/12/2017


 Sorry for the delay in this newsletter. The end of the year is approaching and with it...deadlines!

That hasn't stopped us being a busy club as always though.

First Aid Course

Well done to everyone who passed the First Aid Course! To those of you thinking of doing it in the future be sure too! It’s a great thing to have for jobs/cv, is heavily subsidised by the club and keeps us all a bit safer on the crag.

BMC Winter Skills Lecture

The lecture was a great into to the skills required for winter climbing. Sam and Mick were full of info and I’m sure everyone left the lecture theatre psyched to go get cold and swing some axes around in Scotland.


A very wet weekend for everyone who made the trip up to Clwyd. Saturday morning we headed to Trevor Quarry in the hope of some bolts to clip on drying rock but were faced with rock so wet you could see the reflection of Carl’s Trousers for miles! We made the most of the situation, a small patch of dry wall was bouldered to such an extent it probably holds the record for most routes in the smallest space. Others went on a walk to explore the nearby castle which Luke VF decided to run up to. Richard (showing his age) and myself (feeling old having just turned 21) decided we’d let the kids have their fun and listened to classical music in the bus and had a little sleep.

Back at the hut everyone learnt how to ascend a rope (getting the ropes in the place was the most fun) and we made up for the wet and the cold by having a large fire in the field of the scout hut.

Sunday morning we made a gamble and drove over to the roaches in the hope of drier weather. The gamble didn’t pay off as we walked up to find the gritstone soaking wet. A few people climbed some of the easier routes, but what better way to spend a wet day at the roaches other than getting stuck into Sifta’s Quid Inside Route. Luke VF paved the way and I followed, unfortunately Luke WS couldn’t fit his hair through and had to retreat. The usual SUMC Wet Roaches Walk up to Hen Cloud took place whilst more people tried the to climb the wet boulders of the lower tier.

The it was off home (via Subway ofcourse) with a bus full of wet and muddy gear (sorry Tom!).

Coming Up…

Christmas Meal

If you still haven’t submitted your meal choices or paid make sure you do ASAP.

Christmas Trip

The Secret Santa has been drawn so make sure you check your emails. Not long to go before we’ll be jetting off! I hope you’ve all been training hard. If not I forgot to as well so no bother there…


This will likely be the last newsletter of Semester 1. Thank you everyone for an awesome semester! I can’t believe it’s gone so quick! It’s been great to meet a whole load of new faces and see them getting involved with the socials and coming meets.

For me personally, this semester has been very busy, so if anyone has any highlights from this semester that I might have missed out on then please let me know. It’s not long until we’ll be starting to write the journal!

See you all soon!

Rob Mills  (President)