Newsletter 15/11/14


Busy week this week. Our photo of the week comes from LUBE last Saturday, where our teams did really well, coming 16th and 17th (consistent!). LUBE round 2 is coming up in two weeks time and as usual there's opportunity to get involved, let us know if you fancy having a go. Here's everything you need to know for this week...


Next weekend the club is off to Cornwall for a weekend of super-adventurous trad climbing on some of the most impressive sea cliffs in the country. We're talking 200 ft multipitches far above crashing waves, at every possible grade!

The signup will go up is going live at 7am on Monday morning. We are currently not able to take a minibus as we need a second driver, if there's any registered drivers thinking of coming then please let us know! Reiteratiing Spoon's email from last week, if you're over 21 and have been driving for longer than 2 years then please get registered as a driver, get in touch to find out more. We're expecting this weekend to be popular, so also if anyone has a car they could drive then please let us know if you can take, we want to get as many psyched people going as possible.

Indoor Info

Indoor this week is Tuesday 18th and we're off to Reading! Signup is already up, so get on the website ASAP to get your space.

In the bouldering wall this week, we're starting our second round of beginners sessions. Those involved should already have had an email, if you haven't and you think you should have then email Everyone else, please be aware that the room will be unavailable during the club slot (7-8.30) as we'll need all the space.

We're currently having a think about how we use the club slots next semester. The training sessions have been really popular with new climbers (and we hope they've worked!) so we think it would be great to extend something similar to more intermediate climbers, perhaps covering specific techniques or working individually with people on problems. If you have any ideas on what would be most useful to you then please let us know. This week our coaches have been away training, with Dev and Dan doing the BMC Fundamentals and Spoon learning about Physical Training, so we'll have a great resource for you guys to use!


We're off the the Hobbit this wednesday, for the unmissable musical experinece that is Gary Okey! For the uninitiated, a bloke called Gary stands on stage and plays songs whilst the audience is encouraged to do silly things.'Dodgy links, daft banter & crazed audience participation' are the order of the day. As if that wasn't enough, we're heading to the Dungeon after for a reprisal of Freshers' social silliness. Meet at the Hobbit at 8!

Dates for your Diaries

9.00am Fri 14/11 - Reading Signup
7.00pm Mon 17/11 - Beginners Session Round 2
5.30pm Tue 18/11 - Reading Trip
8.00pm Wed 19/11 - Gary Okey!
5.30pm Fri 21/11 - Cornwall Meet

That's all for this week! Stay strong, stay safe and see you all soon!

The Committee