Welcome to SUMC! Newsletter 29th September 2019


Welcome to SUMC!

Whether you've had a chat with us already or are still waiting an opportunity to, I'd like to welcome you all to SUMC. We're a big family of people who are passionate about climbing and the outdoors, and we're looking forward to you joining us.

Your next chance to come see us is the Welcome Presentation! (See below)

Trial Membership Period

Everybody gets a trial period of one official indoor event (excluding the free tasters) to see if they want to join the club before you have to buy membership. These are a good way to get a feel for what some of the non-taster events are like, and are great fun. All outdoor events are excluded from this trial membership period - you'd need to buy membership to go on those! 

How do I obtain Membership?

  1. Visit our page on the Groups Hub and purchase your membership there by ticking the "Join" box to the side of the membership option you want. 
  2. Make an account on our website. This will ask you for all the information we need to cater events to your needs, and allow you to sign up to events.
  3. The Treasurer will active your full membership on the website once your purchase has been confirmed by the student union (SUSU).

Freshers' Meets (or: How to Get Climbing Outside)

Freshers' Meets are designed to get you climbing outside, learning all the skills you need along the way. They're a great opportunity for both complete novices and those who already know what they're doing! We'll be spending two full days in the Peak District, climbing at world-famous areas like Stanage, Burbage and more.

We have two dates for our Freshers' meets with 20 spaces for freshers on each. These are highly oversubscribed, so to make sure you have the best chance at getting a space come along to the Welcome Presentation.

  • Freshers' Meet 1 - Leaving 5pm Friday 11th October, returning late Sunday 13th October.
  • Freshers' Meet 2 - Leaving 5pm Friday 18th October, returning late Sunday 20th October.

Indoor Freshers' Meets

We'll be running a couple of sessions to get you up to speed on top-rope belaying indoors. You'll need to be a member to attend these. You'll be hearing more from Olly (our Indoor Sec) about these events soon!

Welcome Presentation & Social (7pm Wednesday 2nd October, 54/4011)

The room for the Welcome Presentation has changed! It's now in 54/4011, but don't worry we'll have people directing you to the new room.

The Welcome Presentation gives us the chance to summarise everything the club does over the year and get you psyched for Freshers' Meets! There will be a chance to sign up to those at the end. We'll also be revealing where this year's Christmas Trip will be going!

After the presentation we'll have a social where you can meet all of our current and new members in a pub/bar/club crawl though Portswood. Say you're going/interested in the Facebook Event to keep updated!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon,

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