New to Climbing?

Climbing is a unique sport in so many ways. No other sport has the range of different disciplines, the combination of physical and mental challenge or the enduring link to adventure and exploring new places. However, the best thing about climbing is that it is just a fun whatever level you are at. Whether you’re training every day to climb harder, or just enjoy being outside at a crag, the challenge and the satisfaction is the same. Climbing can be divided into 3 main disciplines...Sport Climbing

  • Sport climbing uses drilled bolts for protection and is about pushing yourself as far as you can physically to get yourself up the route.
  • Traditional (trad) climbing, the long-established style used in the UK, is a different ball game; climbs are protected using whatever gear you can place yourself, making the climb as much a battle with your own mind as with the rock.
  • Bouldering takes the difficulties in climbing and concentrates them into a super-short, super-difficult route.
  • Mountaineering takes the skills we learn on rock and takes them further and higher, in some of the most remote parts of the world

If you’ve never climbed before and all this sounds a bit much, don’t worry. Our club thrives on taking on new people and showing them everything climbing has to offer. Indeed, many of our members were total beginners when they joined, so we know all about helping beginners get involved. We can lend you all the kit you’ll need to get going, and our more experienced climbers are always happy to lend a hand.

Indoor Climbing

Every week, we run a minibus to one of our local climbing centres, Red Spider, Calshot and Reading Climbing Centre, these centres provide a fantastic variety of bouldering, lead climbing and top rope lines. Something to satisfy all interests and abilities.

We also run some training nights in the University Bouldering wall. These include sessions aimed at beginners to develop basic skills and nights for all climbers to train together and share tips. The bouldering wall is available for use with University’s Sport and Wellbeing memberships.


We’re a member of the Athletic Union at SUSU and we represent Team Southampton at several competitions throughout the year. This includes the national student BUCS competition and the London Universities Bouldering Event (LUBE). We send a strong team to every competition, but we always we make sure there’s space for everyone to get involved, so if you just want to give a comp a go you can! As we help out with the resetting of the Uni Bouldering Wall, we also organise several casual comps at home throughout the year.

Climbing Outside

Climbing outdoors is one of the most amazing and rewarding things you can do. No other sport gives you the same opportunity to explore awesome places and gives you a unique view of landscape.

From atmospheric sea cliffs to high, exposed mountain crags, the club gets all over the UK to all kinds of places. Over the course of the year we spend weekends in places from the tip of Cornwall to the fells of the Lake District, and every climbing location in between. And whether you're new to climbing or are already a beast you still get the same of adventure.

Outside of club trips, our members get up to climbing adventures all over the world. From Mountaineering in the Alps or even the Peruvian Andes, Ice Climbing in Norway, Skiing in France and Climbing in Spain, Germany, Malta, Turkey, Greece, Morocco to name but a few, there's no end of opportunity to get out there!

Whether you want to put up gnarly new routes in a remote part of the world or just want to get out of Southampton once in a while, you'll find the opportunity, and the people psyched to join you, in SUMC.