SUMC Annual General Meeting!

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Wed 15th - Wed 15th March 2017


19:00 at 58/1067


Unlimited available

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0 minutes

It's free!

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This is your chance to get involved in the running of our club and choosing what direction it may take over the next year. It can be hard work but is well worth it, the only requirements are being super keen to help the club and really enjoy what we do! Though you do need to be a current undergraduate or postgraduate during the time of your role.

Even if you don't intend to run, please do attend as we need everyone to vote for who gets each role!

The committee consists of 12 roles: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Meets (1 & 2), Indoor, Safety & Skills, Gear, Bouldering & Comps, Social, Promo and Web.

Each role will be explained in due course but any questions can be asked to the existing members of the committee.