SWUBS - Round 2: Bristol!



Sat 7th - Sat 7th Dec. 2019


13:30 at University Concourse

Event finished


£15.00 per person

Event info

The first competition of the year is here! The South-West University Bouldering Series (SWUBS) has its second round coming up, taking place at The Climbing Academy's Mothership centre in Bristol. This is an amazing way to dip your toes into competition climbing, as it's student-run and incredibly casual - for those of you that take pride in crushing, there are prizes to be won (both on the night and, if you keep it up and attend later rounds, for the overall winner) as an incentive. You don't need to have climbed in a competition before; as previously stated, this is an excellent first comp and is bound to be an excellent day no matter where you place! 

The format is as follows:

  • The competition will have a qualifying round with specially-set boulders around the centre, which each competitor will have four hours to complete. 
  • Each problem is marked with starting holds, an end hold, and a bonus along the way. To obtain the bonus, you must reach it and control it, without falling off. Attempting to make a move off of the hold counts. 
  • In qualifiers, your goal is to top the problem in as few attempts as possible. Generally scoring will give you a set number of points for a flash (topping without falling off), then reduce the number you receive for each attempt afterwards.
  • After the four hours is up, the scores will be tallied and the finalists (the top-4 male and female competitors) will try their hand at carefully-set and especially tricky finals problems, to determine the winner. The winner is the one who tops the most boulders, or in the fewest attempts if multiple people score the same. 

We will be meeting on Redbrick (or in Building 42 if it's wet) to leave at 1:30pm latest. This is so that we have time to travel to Bristol, sign in before the competition, and (most importantly) psych ourselves up. The competition starts at 4:00pm, and is likely to wrap up just after 10:00pm.

It is important to note that you will have to pay for your ticket yourself, as well as contribute to fuel/travel costs. The tickets will cost £10.

This will be a first-come-first-serve sign-up - we will try to take as many people as we can, but the exact number will depend on who can provide transport. If you're willing to drive, drop Reggie a message also (it will save him having to ask and would be incredibly helpful <3).