Join Us


Want to get involved with SUMC? Awesome! Joining us is super easy…

Step 1 – Sign up to the website by clicking the register link at the top of the page.

Step 2 – Send us your membership fee (£55 Full year or £35 half year), through SUSU box office or online.

Step 3 – That’s it, you’re a member! Once your membership is linked to the website by the treasurer you can start signing up to events through this site. If this isn't happening quick enough for you shoot us a message on our Facebook Page.

Step 4 - To make sure you don't miss anything join our Facebook Group and like our Page too.

Don’t miss out on any info, make sure you sign up to the newsletter when you register. All our upcoming events can be found on the calendar on this site. You can also follow us on Facebook, and we also have a Facebook group where you can meet and chat with our lovely members.

Non-Southampton Students are more than welcome to join the club, but you should become a member of SUSU. More information from the president or treasurer.

Olds (club alumni) that make their own way to events and use their own gear are welcome to join us at events as long as they cover food/accomodation costs, our only requirement is that you have BMC membership (and therefore 3rd party liability insurance). We're looking at a way to make the cost of BMC membership cheaper to olds. If you want to weigh in on this email Harry.