We are SUMC.

Play Hard. Climb Harder.


SUMC runs weekly climbing sessions, socials, fortnightly meets around the UK and annual trips abroad!

We're here for beginners, plastic junkies and nails climbers alike.

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Live event signups


Indoor Climbing


Thu 27th - Thu 27th Feb. 2020

Event starts in

3 days, 21 hours


17:30 at SUSU Reception (Building 42)

Rope Skills Course

Special Event


Sun 15th - Sun 15th March 2020

Event starts in

2 weeks, 6 days


07:15 at University Concourse

Recent blog posts

A rogue leader?

**The following article is a VP election campaign post** "The slogans, the manifestos and the broadcasts of the Beadle campaign reflected the deepest aspirations of the Cuban people. The promised individual liberty and free elections. They promised an end to harsh police state tactics. They promised a better life for ... read more

Newsletter 18th November 2019

The Roaches Meet After arriving at the Hut I received a phone call from Otto. Confused, he told me he didn’t recognise anyone in the hut. Then he spotted a small child jumping on one of the beds. “Yeah...” I replied, “Drive down the wet dirt road for half mile ... read more

Newsletter 4th November 2019

Clwyd Meet Despite a terrible weather forecast, 23 optimistic climbers headed for Clwyd over the weekend. As soon as the cars arrived Harry and Dom quickly got to work rigging hammocks in the roof of the hut. After a near-death experriance (half a clove hitch making it's way through a ... read more