Meet Our Committee

Tom Reynolds

President: Tom

In charge

Pure boulder boi

Moi Taiga Nicholas

Vice President: Moi

Xmas trip, merch

PhD (ish), RCI (kinda).

Maria Farmer

Treasurer: Maria

Money, money, money

Money Money Money

Marie Nesheim Sikkerbøl

Meets: Marie Nesheim

Fortnightly outdoor trips

I'm the Norwegian troll, ruining the meets with my fellow English troll

Oliver Patterson

Meets: Oliver

Fortnightly outdoor trips

I eat floor chips and like to tell people im from yorkshire

Callum Buckley

Gear: Callum

Owner of stuff

Can fit a blue cam in my mouth, someone please help me get it out

Harriet James

Socials: Harriet

Weekly fun!

Felix Walton

Socials: Felix

Weekly fun!

Breastfed until 15

William Cooper

Bouldering and Comps: William

Self-explanatory really

Hippie past. Cat hating present. Hippie future.

Miles Jones

Safety and Skills: Miles

Keeping you alive

Lettuce go for a climb?

Nicki Ashworth

Web: Nicki

You're looking at it

tradwife <3

Rebecca Kearnes

Comms: Rebecca

Info and HYPE

enthusiasm enthusiast