Meet Our Committee

Nicki Ashworth

President: Nicki

In charge

tradwife <3

Rebecca Kearnes

Vice President: Rebecca

Xmas trip, merch

enthusiasm enthusiast

Dylan Hines

Treasurer: Dylan

Money, money, money

Trad and Maths

Holly Hamilton

Meets: Holly

Fortnightly outdoor trips

I gaslight myself into enjoying this sport

Eddie Gwilliam

Meets: Eddie

Fortnightly outdoor trips

Crimping my way through life

Zak Quddoos

Gear: Zak

Owner of stuff

Zak Quddoos: The keeper of all GEAR, hit me up and we'll sort you out. Clarification: I have no interest in the production, procurment or distribution of substances, illigal or otherwise and espeically not marmite.

Alice Rowlands

Socials: Alice

Weekly fun!

Certified jesters rat

Neil Sweeney

Socials: Neil

Weekly fun!

Will play trumpet for booze

Elizabeth Stanley

Bouldering and Comps: Elizabeth

Self-explanatory really

My name is not Viki

Isaac Puffett

Safety and Skills: Isaac

Keeping you alive

Teaching knots (knot for the bedroom)

Christopher Hemmings

Web: Christopher

You're looking at it

I only like climbing for the gear.

Catherine Solway

Comms: Catherine

Info and HYPE

Bring your dog to the crag pls