Snowdonia #2

Weekend Meet


Fri 27th - Sun 29th Jan. 2023


18:00 at University Concourse


Fully booked!

Event starts in

6 hours, 49 minutes


£37.50 per person

Event info


- Please ensure your medical info, dietary requirements and contact info is all updated otherwise we cannot accommodate your needs

- PLEASE BE AWARE that as meets progress throughout the year the amount of teaching can be expected to decrease on the meets. Depending on the skill level of the group, less experienced members may not be able to be accommodated (This is purely from a safety standpoint as we require a certain ratio of experienced to non experienced members on each meet; if we don't achieve this ratio for whatever reason we will attempt to bring more experienced members onto the meet, however, if more experienced members cannot attend unfortunately we will have to cut inexperienced members. We are looking to resolve this issue by running more teaching sessions in the near future, thank you for this understanding and climb safe <3)

For information on what to pack


           Important meets info:


Meet at university concourse (Redbrick) for 5:00pm with all your stuff. We’ll pack everyone into buses and cars and set off at 5:30. On the way we’ll stop at winchester tesco for dinner and then we’ll arrive at the hut late.


We’ll wake up and have breakfast (porridge) and make our lunch (sandwiches). We’ll then set off for a day of climbing!! Come back to the hut in the evening for dinner and some fun!



We wake up and have breakfast and make lunch. Everyone helps clean up the hut then we set off for climbs! In the early evening we’ll start heading back and we’ll be at Southampton late at night. Everyone will be taken to their respective places so you don’t walk home late at night!


As the trips progress into winter please remember to pack multiples of warm clothing and waterproofs as the weather can be cold and wet. Climbing soggy isn’t fun :(



Selina and Tom xx


Important meets info: